Feb 23, 2010

VIEWMASTER / EPISODE 1 : Inari Salmivaara

VIEWMASTER / 2007 - 2010
Heike Langsdorf, Laurent Liefooghe & Ula Sickle

The Series:
After touring since 2007 with a performance & installation for which they developed the illusion-
machine “Viewmaster”, Heike Langsdorf, Laurent Liefooghe and Ula Sickle now offer a chance
for other artists to explore the possibilities of this ‘magic‘ tool. “The Series” invites artists from
different disciplines to use the Viewmaster to produce a new work. Works emerging can range
from cinematic, performative, visual and even auditive attempts to make use of the tool. Each
time the Viewmaster moves to another residency location, a new work is added to the series
by a guest artist.

The first installment will be co-produced by Huis a/d Werf in Utrecht, where Finnish choreographer
Inari Salmivaara will explore the box during a two-week residency in February 2010. The workshop
and residency will be accompanied by a seminar for the PHD students of the Media and
Performance department of the University of Utrecht on the topic of ‘Liveness’.

February 2010

Presentation 26th Feb. 2010

Some pictures and a video from the research: